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Page 68 of 72 ...from past attendees, exhibitors and presenters: " WRAPSCON… where else in the world can wrappers go for an event solely based on wrapping and for wrappers? A chance to meet the masters, along with demos from industry greats like Justin Pate and John Duever. All films… all tools... all fun! Want to try your hand at competing against some of the best around? Then sign-up for the Wrap Olympics. Hands-down one of the best wrap shows anywhere in the world to attend. Keep wrapping!" —Tim Evans—Owner—Wrapper Mapper " No better opportunity to meet and talk to wrap industry professionals and manufacturers all in one place! You never know who you are going to run into at WRAPSCON!" —Casey Folk—Co-Founder/Installer—PDX WRAPS " WRAPSCON is your must-attend event of the year. Refine your success -- like knives for a chef, you must always sharpen your wisdom and skill sets. Connect with the best of the best in the wrap/signage industry. There is an old saying, 'You cannot fly like an eagle if you hang around with turkeys.' Define your future with the proper wisdom from the all-star veterans at WRAPSCON. See you at the top! See you at WRAPSCON." —Keith Vu—Sr. Project Manager— Savage Wraps, a division of KaiEos Design Studio " It's not why I have to be there, I look forward to this show each and every year! Just like the show's tagline, 'Finally a wrap event for wrappers, by wrappers.' It's where some of the industry's top installers/individuals in the world gather, which in turn gives me the opportunity to network and rub elbows, talk shop, and learn from both their successes and failures. With wrapping being such a growing industry, it's essential to keep up on the latest, greatest materials, tools and install techniques, which are all presented by top manufacturers, distributors and installers. Just the camaraderie, the openness of individuals sharing knowledge or growth, the feeling of being part of an industry family, is priceless and worth its weight in gold, and the only way to experience it is to be there!" —Chad Parrish—Owner—Graphiti Wraps Testimonials:

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