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rv-pro.com June 2021 • RV PRO • 41 "I had two teams come at me hard at the end of 2003 that really wanted to sign me – the Sox and Cardinals," he says. "While the Cardinals offered me a better opportunity to play on a full-time basis, the thought of possibly winning a World Series in Boston with a bunch guys and friends I knew on the team was the differ- ence. I chose Boston." Those friends included Doug Mirabelli, Bill Mueller, Trot Nixon, Mark Bellhorn and Kevin Millar – all of whom he stays in regular contact with today, among others he played with on teams such as the Pittsburgh Pirates, the San Diego Padres and the Texas Rangers. The Intersection of Baseball & RV Sales Hyzdu's experience in baseball – his challenges and perseverance – helped prepare him for owning and operating an RV dealership. "Later in my career, as I became the 'mature guy' and wasn't an everyday player, I learned how to watch and observe," he says. "Through observation, you figure out that there's 25 different personalities on the team, and how to work those teammates into one team. You can't talk to Trot (Nixon) the same way you talk to Manny (Ramirez), and you can't talk with Manny the same way you would with David Ortiz. "So, you're challenged with creating the best environment for these guys to place them in the best position to succeed. That element, alone, has gone a long way into understanding how to help my 12 employees the best I can," Hyzdu says. "In baseball, you can't win with just nine players, and at Auto Corral RV, you need everyone on the roster, from the 'pinch hitter' to the everyday player, to win." He adds that there are some great personality profile tests, such as Enneagram, that helps business owners and operators understand employees and how to relate to them – from work schedules to customized training. "Some employees just require a 'blank canvas' where you can say, 'Just go paint on that' – and you can tell them, 'There are some boundaries, but I'm not going to give you all the boundaries,'" he says. "Just understanding the differences in people really helps – and I learned a lot of that watching the clubhouse." The Curveball In 2007, Hyzdu's father-in-law, Bob Berling, was getting out of the car sales business, and Hyzdu put him in touch with someone he knew in the RV business. "I sold RVs when I was in the minor leagues during the off seasons, so I knew some people, and I brought them together and they formed a little dealership. The idea was that my father-in-law would sell cars while his partner would sell RVs. However, once my father-in-law sold his first RV, he told me, 'This is awesome. Mesa, Ariz.-based Auto Corral RV retails a wide variety of units, from basic stick-and-tin trailers to luxury coaches.

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