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rv-pro.com June 2021 • RV PRO • 73 knows what they are doing, in charge of watering. Make it clear to everyone else that they are not to water the plants or put their coffee grounds in the soil – because otherwise they will. If live plants are a major no-go for you, Autograph Foliage (autofol.com) is an excellent resource for high-quality fakes. You can put up some small pine trees or palm trees depending on your display theme. Please know that these plants and trees come packed very tight in as small a box as possible. As their leaves are "wired", plan to spend some time opening them up to make them look natural. This takes some time but is well worth the effort. Also, order or purchase containers at the same time so you have a clean, finished look to the displays. Stone Real stone gives a quality and permanent, "we're here to stay" feel to your store. If you Google "stone veneer" you'll find many companies that sell lighter-weight stone for your walls, columns, and display areas. For a floor display area, adding a large fake stone with some foliage around it can look great and will enhance your RV and the outdoor accessories. Position your real or fake plants on, near, or in front of the fake stone or the real stone veneer and you're on your way to creating a more inviting outdoor environment. Air One of the most important elements in good store design is good flowing air. Stagnant air is an unidentifiable problem for customers; they know they need to leave but they don't know why. When people feel air moving, it feels fresh to them, which then makes it "safe" to stay in the store longer. The longer they stay – the better the chance that they will purchase an RV. Bottom line – if your HVAC system isn't moving air so you can feel it, make it felt with overhead fans or, on a lower budget, wall-mounted fans. A Balance of Natural Elements RVs are meant to be outside but, inside your showroom they are often displayed in an environment that feels artificial. When you add natural elements to your store design, customers will under- stand, feel, and visualize how the RVs will feel at a campground. Find the right proportion or balance of each element in your store to make the shopping experience comfortable and genuine. If your store is mainly sheetrock, tile or vinyl flooring, metal, and laminate – a few growing green things will add much-needed natural energy to the artificial environment. Too much or too little of one element can feel wrong. For example, imagine a RV store that is all wood. It's almost too warm. An all-stone store would feel too cold. Go with the Goldilocks method and pull together balanced elements that are just right. Once you add natural elements to your store, pay attention. Track sales before and after and see how your profits grow. F E A T U R E S MORryde.com | 574-293-1581 Upgrade your trailer or 5th wheel with our innovative StepAbove ® step system to give you bounce-free, wobble-free stability. PATENT PENDING INDUSTRY-LEADING 500 lb WEIGHT CAPACITY FOR MORE INFORMATION: • Safe, secure entry to and exit from your RV • Quick release leg adjustment • Wide top step • Gradual step slope for easier usage • Easy removal in tight spaces • Lightweight ENTRY STEPS A A New Generation New Generation of of Get Out There. Stay Out There. www.wallas.us 1-888-606-6655 Clean, safe diesel heat. Wallas Nordic Dt Stove/Heater

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