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134 • RV PRO • July 2021 rv-pro.com I n 2018, James "Woody" Faircloth set out to create an unforgettable Thanksgiving memory for his then 6-year-old daughter, Luna. As he searched for things they could do, he recalled reading that the wildfires raging in northern California had burned thousands of acres and left 50,000 people homeless. In a ser- endipitous moment, he watched a news report about a resident who escaped the fire in his RV. "His house burned to the ground – and he lost everything – but he kept saying how grateful he was to have a home for Thanksgiving in the form of an RV," Faircloth recalls. "It occurred to me that RVs are always for sale and that we could buy one, drive it to California for Thanks- giving, and deliver it to a family who had lost their home." But first he needed Luna's blessing. When Faircloth asked her about the idea, he says she replied with enthusiasm, "God and Santa Claus are going to be so proud of us." Faircloth created a GoFundMe to raise funds to pay for a used motorhome and to fill it with donations of food with the idea that he and his daughter would give out the items to as many people as possible and donate the RV to someone in need. So, the father-and-daughter duo headed out on their 1,200-mile trip from their home in Denver to California to offer assistance to vic- tims of the Camp Fire, which remains the dead- liest and costliest wildfire in California's history, with 85 deaths and 18,000 structures destroyed. On the way to California, Faircloth was inter- viewed by a local television station. As national media outlets picked up the story, calls to Fair- cloth began pouring in. The first was from a woman in San Francisco wanting to donate an RV she used to attend Burning Man events in the Nevada desert. The next call came from a man interested in donating two RVs. A third call came from a Denver attorney who was willing to donate legal services. The attorney filed for nonprofit status the same day, and Faircloth's new venture – EmergencyRV.org – was officially born. EmergencyRV to the Rescue The Denver-based nonprofit group provides donated RVs as shelter for victims of fires and other national disasters. By Ronnie Wendt Woody Faircloth (left) is pictured with his daughter, Luna (sitting on the motorhome) along with individuals helped by EmergencyRV, which has a mission to provide RVs to those who have lost their homes because of fires or other natural disasters. Assisting first responders, military veterans and people with serious medical conditions are priorities for EmergencyRV. RV I N S I G H T

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