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16 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2021 should put it on everything—company vehicles, business cards, your sign, employee shirts and jackets, stickers, sales literature and promotional items. 3 Integrate your brand. Properly branding your business extends to every aspect of the company. It is what your staff wears to work, the way they speak to customers, how the phones are answered, your email signature and what you post on social media. In short, everything! 4 Develop a great tagline. Write a memorable and concise state- ment that captures the essence of your company's brand, and then share it with the entire staff. Everyone involved in the business should be clear as to who you are. It is the brief explanation below your logo that tells people about the type of experience they will have working with you. 5 Keep the look consistent. Use the same look and feel in all of your promotional materials, flyers, mailings and website. The color scheme, where the logo is placed and the overall look of your materials should be uniform and clearly support your mes- sage. Begin looking at other companies that you admire. How do they keep their look and message consistent? What can you learn from them? 6 Be committed to your brand. Begin every day, every project, every customer conversation and every industry event with a reminder of your brand message and what your business is all about. Customers and vendors won't return to you, or refer others, if you don't consistently deliver on your brand promise. Follow these steps and you'll create the feeling and emotions you want customers to experience when they interact with you and your company. Chicago-based JHAN DOLPHIN is the founder of J Robert Mar- keting and vice president of Michigan-based Prefix Corpora- tion. With a team of nearly 300, Prefix is the nation's leader in concept vehicles, prototypes and low-volume auto production programs. He has authored hundreds of articles and regularly speaks to industry groups on a wide range of business- related topics. 2 Build Your Brand, Build Your Business 3 4 5 6 A brand is best described as the sum total of all experiences that customers have with your business. What ideas and images pop-up as soon as someone hears the name of your company? That's your brand. When thinking about your brand, it is important to recognize that you can't be everything to everyone—and it is often detrimental to try.

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