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OCTOBER 2021 THE SHOP 23 Acura debuted the new, 600-hp 2022 NSX Type S electrified supercar during Monterey Car Week, featuring the latest upgrades to its hybrid drivetrain system. In celebration of the final year of second- generation NSX production, every 2022 Acura NSX produced at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio will be a Type S model, according to the company. Recognizable by its distinctive and more aggressive front and rear styling, NSX Type S also features unique 5-spoke wheels, Pirelli P-Zero tires, a retuned Adaptive Damper System, Type S decals, a standard carbon fiber roof and available Gotham Gray matte paint. Under its available carbon fiber engine cover is Acura's most powerful production drivetrain ever—an updated version of the supercar's twin-turbocharged V-6 and three-motor hybrid system that produces 600 hp and 492 pound-feet of torque. Hand-built in a special facility at the Anna Engine Plant in Ohio, the supercar's exclu- sive twin-turbocharged 3.5L, 75-degree V-6 engine is enhanced with new fuel injectors, new intercoolers and new turbochargers shared with the NSX GT3 Evo. The gear ratio for the Twin Motor Unit (TMU) that powers the front wheels and pro- vides active torque vectoring in corners has been lowered to 10.382:1 from 8.050:1. The 20% lower ratio increases off-the-line torque, giving the NSX a powerful launch. Additionally, the supercar's Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) that provides power to the electric motors is used more efficiently. This allows for a 20% higher usable battery capacity and 10% greater battery output. The higher capacity and output allowed engineers to retune the electric motors in the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system for enhanced performance in all four modes of the Integrated Dynamics System and deliver extended EV range. 9-SPEED DCT TRANSMISSION NSX Type S routes power through a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), which has been retuned for greater perfor- mance. Enhancements include an all-new Rapid Downshift Mode, more aggressive automatic downshifting, faster upshifts in Sport and Sport+ modes and a higher rev threshold for downshifts in Track mode. In Sport mode and above, the new Rapid Downshift allows the driver to skip several gears at a time by holding down the down- shift paddle, rather than clicking through individual gears. When the paddle is held down for 0.6 seconds, the transmission automatically selects the lowest possible gear for the vehicle's speed. Using the paddles to upshift in Sport and Hybrid Dritra Pows New 6-hp NSX Type S Sport+ modes has been improved with new programming that engages the clutch up to 50% faster from the moment the paddle is activated, improving acceleration. If the paddles are not used while in Sport+ mode, the transmission downshifts almost immediately when brake pressure is applied, such as when slowing for a corner. Transmission behavior in Track mode has been improved as well, allowing NSX Type S to downshift earlier, thanks to a rev threshold that has been increased by 1,500 rpm. This change lets NSX Type S drivers activate the downshift paddle earlier during deceleration. Just 350 of the limited-run supercars will be built for global distribution, with 300 units destined for U.S. customers, marking the first time an NSX Type S has been sold outside of Japan. An improved drivetrain powers the 2022 Acura NSX Type S supercar to 600 hp and 492 pound-feet of torque.

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