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42 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2021 salesman and dealership manager and then worked as a consultant for super- dealer AutoNation. After his purchase of the Nickey brand, Bimbi started building new Nickey Camaros and restoring and selling classic collector cars. Bimbi's Continuation Series of Nickey Camaros combines modern technology with the Nickey name. "We wanted to bring back the '60s experience and build cars the same way that Nickey Chevrolet did in 1967," Bimbi explains. He created Stage I, Stage II and Stage III upgrades of modern Camaros like Nickey did with the '60s-era classics. Nickey Performance offers appraisals, estate evaluations and expert witness services, too. "We cover all bases," Bimbi says. "And we deal only in the best cars with docu- mented histories, plus we sell perfor- mance and hot parts and official Nickey merchandise." CUSTOM CARS & CUSTOM PARTS Mike and Jim Ring, the award-winning Ringbrothers in Spring Green, Wis- consin (, are known for making dream machines out of muscle cars that might never have been brought back to life otherwise. Their Reactor, Dragon and Kona custom Mus- tangs helped put them on the national map as top-notch car builders. While in the U.S. Navy, Mike traveled the world. Then he started a body shop with Jim, who had refinished a 1971 Cadillac DeVille sedan with a gallon of Sky Blue lacquer from a hardware store. That was before the old body shop became famous. To transition from $300 paint jobs to six-figure restomods, Ringbrothers built up a talented team of employees. One thing that makes its high-tech car builds so special is custom machine work. The special billet hardware on Ringbrothers vehicles showcases the abilities of Prime Components, an in- house CNC shop that was put together at Ringbrothers. With a total of 8,600 square feet of space, Ringbrothers' steel building is larger than, but similar to, many local dent-and-ding shops in Wisconsin towns. However, it is constructed like two separate buildings joined together. The back part of the facility actually started as the old family body shop. The front of the shop is filled with parts and accessories that Ringbrothers now ships all over the world. Big Ideas Old and new specialty muscle cars share space at Nickey Performance. You're likely to see a variety of collector cars when you see the Nickey name. Ringbrothers does a lot more than just award-winning body work. Ringbrothers ships its custom parts all over the world.

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