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46 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2021 PRECISION ENGINE tronics are the most notable improve- ments," he says. "For example, with our Sniper systems, the concept of packaging an ECU and all the required sensors, injec- tors, etc. into a single, carburetor-sized device would have been inconceivable 10 years ago." When it comes to competition applica- tions, Brad Cauzillo, marketing manager at Kinsler Fuel Injection in Troy, Michigan, says the top brands have been constantly innovating. "For serious racing, there are many new features in the electronic control unit, as well as better reliability," he says. Meanwhile, for less-demanding applica- tions, the biggest change has been in reli- ability, he believes, outlining the process. "The unit is set up with a decent calibra- tion curve for fuel delivery and then, as the car is driven, an exhaust gas analyzer probe sends feedback to the ECU to modify the calibration curve to bring it closer to ideal," Cauzillo says, with the warning that "the exhaust system ahead of the probe needs to be sealed well so no air can leak into it, as this would cause the probe to read diluted exhaust gas." AVOIDABLE TRAPS The versatility and customization potential of fuel injection systems can lead to a lot of great information—and some misin- formation. The suppliers shed some light on common misconceptions that can get shops, and users, in trouble. "Throttle body sizing is one of the most common misconceptions I've come across lately," says Perkins. "Many customers coming from a carbureted background see that a Sniper unit flows 1,000 cfm and Today's fuel injection systems offer extreme ease of tuning. (Photos courtesy ACES Fuel Injection) On-Time Deliveries Fuel injection has become a mainstay of the performance aftermarket. (Photos courtesy Holley Performance Products)

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