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50 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2021 PRECISION ENGINE "The EFI is more sensitive and will not respond the same," Oberhelman says. "But, if the customer can do some basic mainte- nance and follow the installation manual, it can work out very favorably for them." The point is, fuel injection can affect other systems—and other systems can affect fuel injection as well. "The worst misconception is that the fuel filter isn't important," says Cauzillo. "Users still buy cheap, improper filters, which can cost them dearly." CUSTOMER RELATIONS While fuel injection systems are smart, drivers are still looking for experts they can rely on when questions or issues arise. Establishing yourself as the go-to source for information and recommendations is the first step toward earning more business. Here are some others: "The advice I would offer to shops is to make sure they are familiar with the different tiers of ECUs and our Sniper sys- tems," says Holley's Perkins. "This allows them to recommend a system that has all of the capability the vehicle requires, but also to evaluate if it will have the necessary room for growth if the customer plans to upgrade down the road." Factoring in future development can lead to repeat customers, he explains. "Ask questions such as, 'How many fuel injectors do you plan to run?' 'Will you run OEM-style high-impedance injectors, or larger, aftermarket low-impedance injec- tors?' 'How many inputs/outputs do you realistically need?'" he notes. "Holley EFI software is extremely versatile across all our ECU options, so shops should initially be looking more toward hardware require- ments when making a selection." On-Time Deliveries Fuel filters are vital to the overall performance of fuel injection systems. (Photo courtesy Kinsler Fuel Injection) For precision fuel injec- tion setups, the best value comes from the best quality. (Photo courtesy Kinsler Fuel Injection) When it comes to competi- tion applications, the top fuel injection brands have been constantly innovating. (Photos courtesy Kinsler Fuel Injection)

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