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OCTOBER 2021 THE SHOP 51 PRECISION ENGINE For shops looking to increase sales, Oberhelman from ACES recommends being "more than just a salesperson. Give the customer the level of customer ser- vice you would hope to receive when making a big decision like this. Learn their vehicle and the systems you sell, so you know what will work best for their application." Professional shops should be willing and able to discuss both the positive and negative aspects of any product. "A customer will appreciate an honest answer saying one product you sell will not work as well as something else you may not sell. And they will remember you didn't just go for the easy sale; you helped them make the best choice," Oberhelman believes. "Selling just to sell does not make you great." Finally, he reminds shops to remember the add-ons, such as gaskets, hardware, wiring connectors, a bigger alternator, etc. "Try to get them all they need in one shot, so they don't have to make a bunch of trips when it may not be convenient." Kinsler's Cauzillo outlines three steps to increased sales. "Number one: stress to your customers that the best-quality pieces are higher in price than the lower-quality alternatives, but the best value is in the best quality," he says. "The best-quality pieces have the best chance of performing properly for them and will be the least likely to cause damage to their engine." Number two: answer the phone! "Many companies I call don't answer until six or more rings. Then, their employee says something like 'ya?' Both are turn-offs—you don't even know if you've reached the right place," he says. Instead, he suggests making every effort to answer within three rings, with a happy tone. "This is so simple, yet effective, as it sends a positive message," he says. And, finally, work with companies that can get you what you need when you need it. "Kinsler tries to ship every order every day. This is expected by many customers these days, and is a great customer- keeper," he concludes. It seems fuel injection continues to change for the better. How are your sales evolving? Fuel Injection Products HOT PRODUCT: ACES Fuel Injection Kill Shot Throttle Body System FEATURES & BENEFITS: Supports up to 650 hp; bolts to virtually any 4150 square flange intake manifold; 32-bit processor for faster calibrations and learning with OE-quality software; self-learning; external weatherproof ECU eliminates RFI issues and heat soak; strong tech support. ACES Fuel Injection Jason Oberhelman CEO HOT PRODUCTS: Sniper EFI Systems FEATURES & BENEFITS: Gives enthusiasts with classic vehicles the flexibility and reliability to drive their cars more; fully programmable; capable of self-learning via an O2 sensor; install directly in place of a carburetor. Holley Performance Products Evan Perkins Digital Content Manager HOT PRODUCT: Kinsler Tough Pump FEATURES & BENEFITS: Patented design provides the minimum possible internal leak-back; gears and pump shaft are machined in one piece to very close tolerances; special coatings for gears and side plates; zero failures in 14 years in the field. Kinsler Fuel Injection Brad Cauzillo Marketing Manager

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