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76 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2021 OCTOBER 2021 Integrity Customs p.84 Restyling Products p.92 T here's maybe never been a more versatile aftermarket product than today's LED light bars. From sizes to shapes to mounting options to vehicle fitments, there's an option or two for every application. On-road or off, stacked with bright white or color-capable LEDs, light bars are go-any- where accessories that ride high on the lists of many consumers. From subtle to spectacular, they can light up a campsite, illuminate a dark trail or shine all the way home. Shops looking to compete in the light bar market will want to align themselves with quality suppliers, learn the tricks for proper mounting and be ready to discuss options with drivers on the go. To help, manufacturers are willing to cast some light on a market with a bright future. MOUNT-ING CONCERNS While installing a light bar may seem like a fairly straightforward task, the numerous options on the market today can present unexpected roadblocks. "The biggest challenge has always been and continues to be mounting options," says John Roney, sales channel director – retail/performance/HD aftermarket for HELLA. "With so many lighting compa- nies out there making bars of slightly dif- ferent dimensions, it is difficult to find off-the-shelf mounting brackets. A lot of shop hours can be spent getting the light mounted where the customer wants it." The versatility of the products can play into a shop's hands, however, with limit- less customization options for any project. "With our GRAVITY PRO6 light bar, for instance, shops can easily rebuild, replace and repair if needed," explains Randy Wimenta, marketing activation & events manager for KC Lights. "Or customers can work directly with our repair/warranty team throughout the lifetime of owning the light bar." Tips for increasing light bar sales. By Jef White 76 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2021 Illumination Motivation Today's versatile LED light bars are popular with a wide range of customers. (Photo courtesy ARIES)

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