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S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 1 By Allee Bruce W hether you're new to garment decorating or your customers have questions, you'll want to keep this go-to glossary on hand to break down all the elements of a T-shirt from the type and fit to wash and fabrication. Thank you to Cotton Heritage, Gildan, HanesBrands, Lane Seven Apparel, Royal Apparel, S&S Activewear and SanMar for contributing to the glossary. T-Shirt Types Crewneck: A T-shirt with a rounded neckline and no collar. Nabeel Amin, Lane Seven Apparel, says crewnecks can range in weight from 4.3–6.5-oz., but the most common weight for a standard, quality, and well-fit T is 5.3-oz. Heavyweight: "Heavyweight is typically any T-shirt cat- egory that is over 5.8-oz. or a sweatshirt category over 9-oz., in either ring-spun or open-end fabric," says Summer Scott- Samuel, Gildan. Henley: A shirt without a collar that features a button- up placket and a neckline like a T-shirt. Fun Fact: "Waffle fabrics are a popular choice, as it allows the garment to be a little more fitted due to the stretch and recovery characteristics of waffle knits," says Marcus Davis, HanesBrands. Lightweight: A lightweight T can fall anywhere within the 3.4–4.5-oz. range. Lightweight Ts are known to be softer, have a nice drape on the body, and be more breathable. "It will usually be knitted with a finer gauge of yarn and a tighter knit," says Ken White, Cotton Heritage. V-neck: A T-shirt with a neckline that forms a 'V' at the front. Glen Brumer, Royal Apparel, says it's a good option for "most body types and appeals to younger generations." Consideration: Decoration options include a chest placement, a sleeve print, or even a design that runs across the opening of the V-neck. T-Shirt Fit Arms: The arms of a T-shirt fit different depending on the weight of the fabric used. Heavyweight Ts tend to have looser, wider sleeves compared to a lightweight or standard T. Consideration: "If the fabric is thicker, the sleeve may end up being too close to the body, and it potentially can feel rather uncomfortable," says Scott-Samuel. Missy: A missy fit is one tailored for a woman's body with the use of slightly tapered side seams. This fit is also commonly accom- panied by cap sleeves, baby rib, and, in some cases, a scoop neck. Shoulders: Like the arms of a T-shirt, the shoulder fit varies THE ULTIMATE T-Shirt Guide T-shirt Guide Your go-to glossary for Ts Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO magazine, and previously served as the digital content editor for Printwear magazine. She's reachable at 8 Heather Ts offer a pattern of color that creates a multidimensional look. (Image courtesy SanMar)

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