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70 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 1 By Lily Hunter Banners H ave you ever passed by a banner and had no idea what it was advertising? It doesn't matter if a banner features beautiful graphics, eye- catching colors, and clever slogans; if the audience doesn't know what to do with what they see, it's a moot point. Of course, the opposite can also be true. A banner with a clear written message but is all text with little to no graphics will not grab the audience's attention. Generally speaking, following the "keep it simple" rule is good practice, but it becomes ineffective if the banner is too simple. So, how do you design an attention-grabbing banner that accomplishes what you want it to do? Here are some valuable tips. Before you start designing your banner, try to answer a few basic questions about the application: 1. Where will this banner be viewed from — indoors, outdoors, at a distance, up close, from a moving vehicle? 2. What size should the banner be? 3. How long will this banner be displayed? 4. Will it be reused? Once you have the application questions answered, then answer some questions about the design: 1. Who is your target audience? Youth or adults? Professionals or retirees? 2. What is your message? 3. What is the call to action? 4. Are there specific branding elements and/or color schemes that you should incorporate? 5. Will the banner be reused? First, let's unwrap the application questions and discuss their importance. BANNER APPLICATIONS Why is the location of the banner important? This affects both the design and banner media selection. There are quite a few banner media available to choose from, ranging TIPS FOR DESIGNING EFFECTIVE Lily Hunter currently serves as senior product manager for Irvine, California-based Roland DGA, where she manages the company's textile and dye-sublimation printer portfolio, media offerings, and e-commerce. Before joining Roland DGA in 2013, Hunter held various sales support and product management positions over a 14-year period with Arlon Graphics. BANNERS Answer some questions about application and design If banners are reused, then the message should not include specific dates. (All images courtesy Roland DGA)

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