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88 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 1 being all-inclusive and addressing current issues, like Black Lives Matter and other important social causes. If you print a lot for schools and park leagues and have a pas- sion for helping kids stay active after school, you might want to center your business around a particular cause, like donating to youth sports. That will help reinforce your brand in the minds of the customers who do business for you. Decide what your brand is and should stand for in your cus- tomers' minds. Develop that brand by investing time and resources into being the best in the area you choose. Research your competi- tors to learn if they're offering what you are and, if so, how you can do it better than them. This is where you need to know your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, so you can get to the top, dominating the market. Improve Your Marketing Essentially, marketing is about getting the people you identify as your customer to know who you are, the solutions you offer, and encourage them to buy your product. Below are some ways you can get started doing this. Analyze your data. Use the data you've pulled on your cus- tomers to decide where to buy ads as well as events you should sponsor. Also, take time to learn about the other businesses they shop with, so you can partner with them. If possible, get to know the social issues important to your customers and become involved there. Here's an example: If you know your customer base is athletic, partner with a fitness center. You can offer "Get back in shape in 2022" T-shirts for free. You can include your logo on the shirt to further your branding efforts and let patrons know who to thank. Connect and engage. Stay connected to your customers and grow new customers by using the power of social media. Create new content that engages your audience. If you're not sure what that is, experiment. As soon as you begin to see reach and engagement increase on your social channels, stick to posts your audience responds to. Highlight your brand and what makes you unique while also showing you truly know and understand your customers. Once you decide what your company's main focus will be, getting a piece of that market share will put your business in a position to thrive for the long term. If you haven't already, give some of these tips a try and start dominating your market today. Image courtesy S&S Activewear Centering your brand around a cause is a route you can take as well. Decide what your brand is and should stand for in your customers' minds. (Image courtesy Howard Custom Transfers)

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