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2 0 G R A P H I C S P R O A P R I L 2 0 2 2 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M This Agfa Tauro H3300 UHS features loading and unloading assist to allevi- ate one of the major bottle- necks of digital printing – the material handling. (Image courtesy Agfa) 20% to 30%, inuenced by higher transportation and energy costs, and labor shortages caused by the pan- demic. "e front end, e-commerce portal reduces some sales costs and customer service interaction for more simplistic stu," Benkovich explains. For more complex point of purchase systems, companies save more because they can generate layouts and cutting les through the software. e software creates detailed layouts that look a lot like a game of Tetris as it ts as many jobs as possible on a particular substrate. Customers only have to enter all of the jobs they receive, the substrates they will be printed on and when they need to be completed by and the workow management software makes the schedule and lays out how every job should be accomplished. If a print shop handles all the window and oor graphics and shelf wobblers for major clients like McDonald's or Bualo Wild Wings that have hundreds of loca- tions, eProductivity Software's workow solution can keep track of each location's profile, from the number of windows and doors they have to the size of their footprint. at makes it easy to determine how many window clings or oor graphics to produce when a client decides to change its in-store advertising campaigns. One of the biggest challenges facing high-volume shops is the number of or- ders they receive each week, many of them short runs. Managing the schedule of when jobs should be printed, cut out and grommets added has become fairly tricky. The company's software allows shops to look at each job, when it needs to be printed, what it is printed on, which de- vice, what substrate and what processes need to come after, like cutting, die cut- If a print shop handles all the window and oor graphics and shelf wobblers for maor clients that have hundreds of locations, eroductivity oftwares workow solution can keep track of each locations profile. Image courtesy ero- ductivity Software)

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