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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 2 5 who is writing the check and approving the design, you could be spending hours and hours chasing a design for the wrong person. Question 3: If you like the proposal I create, the price and the designs, what needs to happen in order for me to secure the contract for this project? You would be surprised to hear how many times the answer is something like this: "Oh, I'm not sure. Corporate came out last week and asked me to hire a sign com- pany to come up with new sign ideas, but they didn't say if they wanted to get them made this year or wait until the property is closed on by the new owners in 90 days. Man, I hope I can keep my position here, but yeah, that's all they wanted. Is that OK?" is is a huge bit of information that, frankly, you should have already known about by way of staying in the loop on all property transactions in the area. So, that's where you remember to always do your research with property records before driving 45 minutes for the ap- pointment. You could have easily wasted hours of time on a project for a property that isn't even owned by the person you are speaking with. Ask questions, ask lots of questions about the property, the management team, the tenants, the ownership group. You never know what bits of in- formation you will come up with that will be the key piece of info that either helps you or kills the opportunity. Turns out, the current owner of the property wanted to show the new buyer what new signs might look like on the property. Sure, it could end up in a sale, so at this point, you need to be speaking with the new ownership group, not these folks, but you need BENEFITS OF RACEWAYS C hannel letters mounted with- out a raceway require a mini- mum of four holes to mount the letter, and one hole for the power par. a e oe e sign band PER LETTER. Using a racewa proe ree ee and only one draw-back. 1. Easier to assemble and install as one sign unit 2. Fewer attachment holes and only one power pass-thru hole 3. Assembly in your shop means you can fully test the channel letter before install to trouble- shoot any potential issues while it's still in your shop The only drawback is the look of the raceway but painting it to match the wall color in both sheen and color will help this element be less noticeable. GP continued on page 104

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