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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 2 7 to take on anything that comes along. You have to start somewhere, and by tackling dierent kinds of projects, you can deter- mine what you're good at and what you enjoy doing. Just be careful that you don't take on jobs too far outside your expertise, or that could cost you in the long run. We have a C45 Contractor's License, and for quite a few years, we oered electrical signs. After a while, we determined that our prot margin was too slim in electrical signs. We didn't enjoy the permit process or the headache of working on-site, and there was too much local competition in that area. So, we stopped oering electrical signs, sold the boom truck we rarely used, and shifted our focus to areas with a higher prot that we enjoyed doing. INCOME SOURCES We specialize in signs, banners, engrav- ing, and wraps/eets. We run many non- electrical signs through our shop, special- izing in aluminum composite signs. For our banners, we outsource them, turning a good prot with minimal labor. Hav- ing a reliable wholesale printer for our banners and yard signs, we can do a high volume without impacting the rest of our production. Engraving has been more of a niche service. We oer both laser and rotary en- graving specializing in solar tags. is was a service built from customer requests, inter- est in the engraving industry, and techni- cal knowledge in the area. Like choosing the types of signs we oer, we've done the same with our engraving. Just because we can do all kinds of personalized items, tro- phies, and plaques doesn't mean we want to. Getting into personalized engraving is a dierent type of service that we're not really interested in. By focusing on laser engraved solar tags, we streamline the material we need to stock, and we can turn around the products faster. Since we started our business, we've of- fered vehicle graphics, and it's always been Sometimes specialties are completely different from one another. While vehicle graphics are our main focus, laser-engraved solar tags are also a big market for us.

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