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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 2 9 build a repertoire. Two or three of us pri- marily answer the phones, and when a cus- tomer calls in, we try to put the person most familiar with their account on the phone with them. Building a one-on-one personal rela- tionship ensures we ask the right ques- tions and makes the time on the phone ecient for both the customer and our- selves. Paperwork for repeat clients is also organized in separate folders, making it easy for us to pull and reference for ac- curate duplication. Much of our repeat business is the addi- tion of a vehicle to a eet. We like to see and measure vehicles ahead of time for our partial and full wraps, but we utilize Art Station Vehicle Templates for spot graph- ics jobs to quickly and accurately proof vehicles. ese templates streamline the process, make our design and quote pro- cess more ecient, and get the customer's project into production quickly. No matter what area of the sign industry you specialize in, look for ways to stream- line your interactions with the customer. is isn't to rush your time with them, but rather to respect their time and make it easy for them to order from your company. EXPERTISE Another benet of narrowing down the types of signs and graphics your busi- ness specializes in is it builds knowledge in those areas. e more you work with a particu- lar product or service, the more you learn. Pass- ing this knowledge onto the customer through the sales process builds con- dence in your ability to handle their project. is isn't an obnoxious dump of information in a know-it-all-manner; rather, it's a quiet pass- ing of knowledge by an- swering questions, helping to steer them toward the right fonts, colors, and design elements for their project, and knowing what materials to recommend for a par- ticular application. Subtle salesmanship builds condence; you've earned a repeat customer when quality products and ex- cellent workmanship back it. QUALITY MATERIALS Whether we're selling a flat sign using calendared vinyl or a full wrap requiring premium media, we always use quality materials with proven performance. We've built up an arsenal of media and supplies over the years that we know we can count on to deliver a quality product. We stick to a handful of materials and laminates to cover all our needs. We don't look for the cheapest material or constantly switch up product types – we stick with what works. We also listen to the custom- er's needs and ensure that the materials we choose will meet their needs and their budget. WORKMANSHIP Not only should the material you use be top quality, but the nish work on the proj- continued on page 110

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