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A P P A R E L D E C O R A T I N G 4 2 G R A P H I C S P R O A P R I L 2 0 2 2 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M S O F T W A R E T O S U B S T R A T E | L O N W I N T E R S DOLPHINS CHALLENGE CANCER T he Miami Dolphins made off- the-field news when announcing an historic $75 million commit- ment to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Centerto improve the lives of those im- pacted by cancer. Dolphins Challenge Cancer (DCC) aligns with Sylvester's mis- sion to fund research that addresses dis- parities in care for minority communities, supports medically underserved popula- tions, identies ways to reduce risks for reghters and promotes preventative care habits, among its many initiatives. It has evolved from a standalone event to a year- round movement to provide increased awareness, funding and the research need- ed to save more lives in the community. e Dolphins have been involved in the ght against cancer since the inception of the Dolphins Cycling Challenge changed to Dolphins Cancer Challenge in 2010. e organization has rebranded its eort as the Dolphins Challenge Cancer to reect its year-round mission beyond the annual cycling event. e DCC will continue to host its signature event, highlighted by its 100-mile ride. Participants have the op- tion to ride, run, or walk on the route of their choosing, or in person at Hard Rock Stadium. Some of us are weekend warriors. Some of us are serious athletes. Not so sure about a 100-mile ride though. At Primal, they make the clothing and accessories to answer that call should we choose and are in fact a major sponsor for DCC XII. We have been working with Primal 30-plus years now. ey are an aggressive bicycle clothing line specializing in dye- sublimated biking apparel. We don't do much of their dye sub work as they source it overseas. We do, however, handle the screen printed and embroidered merch. Some simple and some not so simple. As we downloaded the art for DCC XII we found some problems in the les. Primal — which you may recognize from previous articles — has challenged us fre- quently, particularly with the sponsors on the back. This is common on bike and other runs. A multitude of support- ing sponsors' logos ll up the back of the rider shirts. Sponsor as a noun is dened as a per- son or organization that provides funds for a project or activity carried out by another, in particular. "e money came from sponsors." e verb means to pro- vide funds for a project or activity or the person carrying it out. "Joe is being sponsored by his church." Ugh! In this business, the dreaded sponsor's back for any event may be one We've been working with Primal 30-plus years now. They are an aggressive bicycle clothing line specializing in dye -sublimated biking apparel. (All images courtesy Lon Winters)

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