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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 4 5 of the most challenging projects we get. While supportive of the causes, particularly DCC XII, we knew we might struggle with what seems simple to the organizers of the events. Always event-based and time-sensi- tive. Creating, or should we say re-creating the "sponsors" back has challenges. While the les have improved considerably over the years, it's never easy. In this case, the sponsors individual logos were collected, and a le was sent to us as a PDF to size. is is what we typically ask for from our customers. Not so fast! After opening it in Illustrator, the le had multiple colors with several linked les and low-resolution JPEGS. Some logos were vector and some not so much. Digital version of the bar napkin. 1" X 1" 72 DPI GIFs? We ran a trace on the less than perfect logos in need of vector conversion. e colors we would keep were identied with spot colors rather than the process colors initially indicated in the le. e selection process allowed the colors to be outputted individually. Selective white printer or un- derbase and highlight white were necessary as the shirts were heather. We selectively placed certain parts of the logos on the base and removed them from the high- light and vice versa. Some of the small ar- eas didn't require two whites. We wouldn't have to ght small points of registration or areas lling in on press. To maintain clarity, we made adjustments by opening very small negative spaces and increasing line weights in tiny positive areas. We also dropped some outlines, increased spacing, and had to blow up many trademarks (™) and circle R's (®). is all helped us from smearing. With all these sponsors and the DCC XII imagery, this nal image would nearly max out on press at 20". The front was built much better and basically easy enough to set up for seps — same colors as the back but provided ready to place. We placed the EPS les individu- ally into Illustrator onto our registration board. Because of the small scale, we opted to output our halftones at a 55 LPI (lines per inch) at 22.5 on CTS. While the color department was mix- ing the Miami Dolphins and University of Miami colors using our mixing system, the screen department would prepare our screens. Print order was a bit creative for minimal smearing, wiping and max pro- duction. It would be 5,000 pieces after all. We had better be able to run steady. We started with unbased dark blue on a 230 and since we were going on heather and wanted a clean opaque print our rst down white screen would go on 156 TPI (thread per inch), both stretched to 30 N/cm per- pendicular and parallel on work hardened retensionable frames. After a flash and smoothing station, the subsequent colors and the highlight white would go on 230s at the same tension. A quick set up on press using our pre-registration system, and we were ready to run. To keep the ink deposits thin and minimize any smearing, the squeegees were 75/95/75 triple-ply dual-durometer. e 10,000 impressions ran without incident. After the early wrestling match with the original les, the client was pleased, and we look forward to participating in DCC XIII. e printing not the ride, ha! GP At 21 years old, LON WINTERS was the production manager or cean acic and started his ear ca- reer reclaiming screens. He's the president and founder of Colorado-based Graphic Elephants, an international consulting rm and apparel decoration studio special- izing in screen printing technical advances, plant design, layout, troubleshooting, productivity, quality analysis, and complete apparel decorating solutions. Learn more at • Works on all emulsion & capillary film • Won't weaken screen mesh • Built-in degreaser • Non-toxic, low-odor & biodegradable • One quart makes five gallons The fast, safe, affordable way to reclaim screens The fast, safe, affordable way to reclaim screens • 800-538-5069 • The fast, safe, affordable way The fast, safe, affordable way The fast, safe, affordable way The fast, safe, affordable way • 800-538-5069 • EMULSION REMOVER EMULSION REMOVER CONCENTRATE CONCENTRATE STRIP•e•doo ® STRIP•e•doo ® SEE IT IN ACTION!

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