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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 5 3 reducing CO 2 emissions and water con- sumption," he explains. In addition, Atlantis is spearheading various initiatives to raise awareness and environmental sensitivity within its supply chain. First, Tiz says, sustainable working conditions ensure products are made by workers in an ethical and responsible way. Atlantis also encourages its partners to pur- sue low-impact practices, to the point it evaluates suppliers based on their ethical- environmental performance. Sustainability eorts at Atlantis include analyzing product life cycles, too. Tiz says material and production analysis quanti- fy the supply chains' full environmental impact while helping personnel evaluate future design solutions from an eco-de- sign standpoint. End-of-life management, like the separation and salvaging of certain waste, is important as well. e intent, Tiz says, is to reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible to meet the company's ambitious goals. Eco-friendly products have grown in size and scope since Atlantis launched its 2018 green collection – representing 20% of new items in 2019, 67% in 2021, and 100% in 2022. ere are better ways to produce respon- sible, long-lasting products, Tiz says – and it starts with a mindset. "It is necessary to [cultivate] network- ing between companies – sharing good practices, ideas and strategies in order to create a system in which companies can develop their business models and obtain the tools to achieve sustainable develop- ment goals," he says. "One company alone cannot change the world, but several com- panies united by the same objectives can make a dierence – giving a strong signal to policymakers and consumers." FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, SUS- TAINABILITY IS AN OBLIGATION — A STAIRCASE TO CLIMB STEP BY STEP. IT MUST BE DONE BY EVERYONE, CITIZENS AND COMPA - NIES, BECAUSE WE MUST THINK ABOUT OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE AND BEYOND," SAYS ALESSANDRO COLLE TIZ, PRESIDENT AT ATLAN - TIS CAPS. "IT IS INCONCEIVABLE TO THINK OF PRODUCING IN THE SAME WAY GOING FORWARD. THE NEU WAY TO LOWER YO UR CARBON F OOTPRINT Certified Carbonfree ® styles made with recycled material to reduce your environmental impact. By using recycled content and utilizing carbon offsets, we reduce our carbon footprint through each design. Port Authority ® C-FREE ™ Snag-Proof Polos & 1/4-Zip • Carbon neutral • 100% recycled polyester • Snag-proof • Moisture-wicking • 4 colors • Sizes XS-4XL K864 K865 LK864 Scan code for more C-FREE info We're just getting started! Look for more C-FREE styles in the future.

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