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5 6 G R A P H I C S P R O A P R I L 2 0 2 2 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M "Because 80% of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources, and 75% of that is uncollected waste, the company's approach prevents plastic waste from ever entering the ocean," Hertwig says. Today, the company sources, manufac- tures, and sells REPREVE performance - ber in every major textile-producing region globally. In fact, REPREVE ber products comprised 37% of consolidated revenues in scal 2021, and management expects to achieve a 50% or more composition by scal 2025, Hertwig says. For Uni, it is not just about the bers – rather the process. REPREVE produc- tion uses less energy and water while also producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to manufacturing virgin syn- thetic bers, according to Hertwig. Recently, the company received its Higg MSI score, which grades a product's life cycle impact. e study conrmed that REPREVE manufactured in the U.S. re- duces global warming potential by 21% compared to conventionally processed, mechanically-recycled polyester – and 45% compared to conventional virgin polyester. In addition, Uni showcases a greener way to color with Waterwise – a waterless dyeing process. Hertwig says the solution dye becomes part of the ber as it is be- ing extruded, resulting in rich, brilliant, long-lasting color while conserving water and energy. "We are now focused on helping to ac- celerate circularity," Hertwig says. "Simply put, this is where textiles go back into tex- tiles. In a circular economy, garments and home furnishings are made of reclaimed components, and after a product is dis- carded, the materials and parts are reused, repaired, or recycled. Uni has been a pio- neer of circular textile takeback programs for more than a decade but has plans to increase our eorts." EVERYWHERE APPAREL While some companies develop sustain- ability programs over time, Kornbluth says mission-oriented Everywhere Apparel was established "specically to clean the earth through clothing." Everywhere is a full-stack, 100% recy- cled company – right down to certied 100% recycled boxes, tagging, and product labels. Kornbluth classies the company as new frontier in sustainability, pushing the boundaries of possibilities within the graphics industry. "Any material that comes out of Every- where is 100% recycled. We don't produce anything that isn't next-generation sustain- able technology," Kornbluth says. "For us, it's an overarching company philosophy and principle. We're committed to having the lowest impact we possibly can on the environment through this apparel – that's the whole reason why we exist." (Chart courtesy Everywhere Apparel) continued on page 110 "Any material that comes out of everywhere is 100% recycled. We don't produce anything that isn't next-generation sustainable technology," says everywhere's Irys Kornbluth. (Images courtesy Everywhere) verywhere is a full stack, recycled company right down to certified recycled boes, tagging and prod- uct labels. (Image courtesy Everywhere) (Chart courtesy Everywhere Apparel)

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