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6 4 S U B L I M A T I O N R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M zone is to nd new clients outside of your everyday business dealings. Some of my favorite ways include wholesale fundrais- ing, partnering with pet groomers, and mobile pop-up shops. While I have pre- viously written about fundraising and pet groomers in some of my TRTSS books (currently available from Condé and Amazon), today I'll be discussing the quick prot opportunities of pop- up shops. Why a pop-up shop? People attending events love to spend money! From craft shows, bridal shows, ower shows, music festivals, sporting events, dog shows, church events, fraternity/so- rority events, and Christmas bazaars, there is just no end to the prot opportu- nities available for those sublimators will- ing to set up their shop at a remote event. WHAT IS A POP-UP SHOP? Pop-up shop is just a cute term for tem- porarily setting up business at remote events. Typically, a minimal sublimation pop-up shop consists of two tables: one for your sublimation system (i.e., comput- er, printer, and heat press) and the other for displaying your product samples and a company sign that explains the items you'll be producing at the event. For the sign, I highly recommend making your- self a totally unique chalkboard sign from ChromaLuxe textured metal. e tex- tured surface is easy to write on with stan- dard chalk and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Some folks upgrade their pop-up shop to include a tent for use at outdoor events and some larger indoor events. If this seems a little much to start with, keep in mind that you can always upgrade your pop-up shop as you go along. Of course, the most essential item for your pop-up shop is electricity. Although printers don't require much power, heat presses require lots. Because of this, you will absolutely have to call ahead to verify outlet avail - ability. Typically, you need about 12-15 amps at 110 volts for the operation of a computer, sublimation printer, and heat press (e.g., Geo Knight DK14S). For out- door events, you may have the option of using a quiet generator. If you do so, I recommend also getting a UPS (uninter- ruptible power supply) for everything ex- cept the heat press. STRATEGIES FOR PRODUCTS & ARTWORK Planning for an event starts with the se- lection of a handful of high-value prod- ucts. I suggest you go through our cata- log and select products that t the event that you'll be working. With such a large assortment to choose from, you'll see that some products are obviously a good t and others are not. But as I mentioned earlier, don't pick and choose based on your own personal likes and preferences. Try your best to keep an open mind on products and seek the opinions of oth- ers if needed. A few of my favorites in- clude phone stands, ColorLyte glass pan- els, and, of course, Christmas ornaments during the holidays. Some important S U B L I M A T I O N R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 events and some larger indoor events. If STRATEGIES FOR PRODUCTS Condé Kiosk allows you to set up shop almost anywhere. With fied graphic designs, customers will be able to pick out their favorite product and design for you to then produce for them at the event. The s builtin paper tray supports a maimum paper sie of . .

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