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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 2 S U B L I M A T I O N R E P O R T 6 5 factors to consider when choosing prod- ucts are length of time to produce, includ- ing extra prep time, single-sided vs dou- ble-sided, length of time in heat press, and cooling time, plus your own level of skill with any product. In other words, you don't want to learn how to make an un- familiar product while at an event. Next, you need to decide on your deco- rating strategy. Here are four approaches to try: 1 Photo products: In what I consider the default strategy, your customer uploads their favorite photo from their phone to your laptop via Condé Kiosk (outlined below) and then you use that image to decorate their chosen item. One point to remember is that photos are either portrait or landscape, so you should in- clude substrates for both orientations. I've found that most photos are landscape. is simple, yet eective decorating ap- proach produces beautiful products that focus on your customers' cherished images. 2 Products with event graphics: In this strategy, you'll need to pre-de- sign an event template that can be later combined with the customer's uploaded photo or even a photo that you take your- self. is approach results in a higher-val- ue keepsake that's appropriate for wedding receptions and larger events like an Oshkosh Fly-In and Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Hybrid strategies include taking customer photos using a prop, backdrop, or green screen. 3 Personalized designs: is strategy also requires you to pre-make prod- uct designs, but with a blank space re- maining for later adding the customer's name, monogram, or funny saying. A great example is a welcome door sign with your customer's last name imprinted on it. I even made one for my bathroom that says, "It's Gross not to wash your hands!" There is just no end to the profit opportunities avail- able for those sublimators willing to set up their shop at a remote event. Condé Systems offers everything screen printers, sign makers, embroiderers, engravers, photographers, and artists need to succeed in the personalized photo gift business including sublimation and digital heat transfer systems, blank imprintable products, design software, and production supplies. embroiderers, engravers, photographers, and artists need to succeed

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