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A W A R D S & C U S T O M I Z A T I O N 9 0 G R A P H I C S P R O A P R I L 2 0 2 2 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M Y O U R L A S E R A T W O R K 1. Your material is warped and not at across the sheet. is will cause your material to be in focus in certain areas and out of focus in other areas. 2. If your material is level, your la- ser table may not be. Check your laser table with a level. However, you will rst need to check your oor and your laser machine itself and adjust the measurement of your material by how much your oor or laser is o. DON'T WASTE DOWNTIME Downtime is very valuable. Ongoing ed- ucation is important. However, there are lots of other needs begging for attention like machine and routine maintenance and lubricating cutters and other equip- ment. Plan your larger maintenance tasks around your less busy times. Cleaning out is also essential. I found I saved far too many things that were just taking up space. If you haven't used it in a year, you can likely get rid of it without regrets. Review pricing and customer communication pieces about rules and suggestions. Replace samples with a current product that is clean and without errors. Rearrange and renew your showroom and displays. If your website is a showroom, evalu- ate how current it looks, the photos used, and the products displayed. I know you can nd a dozen other needs that are important to keeping your business looking current and professional. LASER ENGRAVING IS FREE Using this concept in your pricing and marketing is dangerous to your business and the industry in general. If you are the buyer in a transaction, understand nothing is "free." e cost is included in the price. Using this advertising tech- nique greatly lowers the value placed on your skills and your laser engraver. Customers will assume that if laser en- graving is free, it must be easy to do, and the equipment has to be inexpensive. ink of it this way: Your plumber likely charges more than $100 per hour for their work. A residential plumber has a skill level like a laser engraver – graphic artist. Your laser costs much more than the tools your plumber uses. Some of the projects we work on end up in unusual places. This sheriff's sergeant will cherish this retirement gift with the photo of those he served with over many years.

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