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4 2 G R A P H I C S P R O M A Y 2 0 2 2 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M curing. After curing, you can then heat press the transfer design directly onto your garment. COMPARING DTF TO OTHER TRANSFER TYPES When comparing DTF transfers to other transfer types, there are many dierences. For example, DTF is dierent from us- ing heat transfer vinyl because you don't need to cut and weed your images. When compared to other types of digital trans- fers, DTF is usually more cost-eective. From a quality standpoint, DTF transfers have crisp, defined edges and you can print oating text and ne lines without a problem. ey are a great option for small quantity orders and can be extremely user- friendly. Many businesses are choosing direct-to- lm for their multicolor logos as well as one- or two-color jobs. While the technol- ogy is in its infancy for systems, it is quite developed as a transfer service. Being able to reduce the complexity of choice that is driven by product limitations has opened up new opportunities for businesses. DTF oers unlimited colors, ne detail, no outlines, and a low-temperature appli- cation, which makes DTF a promising, versatile technology that can solve a lot of logo needs. You can print unlimited colors at no additional cost. ey are perfect for gra- dients and shading, as well as extremely ne details with no outline. In addition, they can be heat pressed at lower tempera- tures, meaning you eliminate the dreaded scorch mark when heat pressing. You get a lightweight, soft hand result that adds no additional weight to the garment. It is important to note that all DTF transfers are not created equal. ere is quite a bit of variability in the market with feel, nish, and durability, so it is recom- mended that apparel decorators consider sampling from transfer suppliers to nd the right t. GP As the Chief nnovation Officer and ice Chairman for GroupeSTA North America, BRETT STAHL has his fingers on the pulse of new heat printing technology. or the past 5 years, he has worked in a wide variety of roles at Stahls', including general manager and senior P of Stahls', product development and software development.

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