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10 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 2 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M your facility is important, but we don't have to be on a busy road with high vis- ibility. I would rather have more space, parking, and installation bays than sac- rice all that for a smaller location in a high-trafc area. Obviously, the proxim- ity of your shop to your clients is a plus, but don't let location be the main factor. In my training classes, I discuss shop lay- out and how to create a welcoming space for not only your clients but your team members. Even if you are solo and work by yourself, the environment you are in speaks volumes about how you conduct business. Image is everything, especially in to- day's world. In our rst few locations, we always hid our printers in rooms away from our clients. For some reason, I felt like that was a special room that was only for team members. Now, we showcase our printers, cutters, and lm so that cli- ents can see we are invested, do every- thing in-house, and can keep the quality of our product consistent. Try to use your industry equipment as a sales tool at every opportunity you can. Having a consistent brand, color scheme, and ow to your shop really sets the tone for when your new or existing clients walk in. I highly recommend hav- ing a lobby for clients to sit while waiting, which allows them to view some of your work and the products you offer. Hav- ing a large monitor displaying your work and services also helps create advertising while clients are waiting on their vehicles or requesting your services. We try to break down our facility into ve main areas. Our main ofce area fea- tures a waiting room, design ofces, print room, production area, and installation bays. We try to create these spaces with function in mind. The sales and design occur upfront in our building. Once the project is approved, we move back to the print room, then to production, followed our euipment can be a marketing tool ustomers see our capabilities first hand TRY TO USE YOUR INDUSTRY EQUIPMENT AS A SALES TOOL AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY THAT YOU CAN.

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