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2 0 2 2 • WRAPS • 13 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M by the installation area and process. This way, nothing gets overlapped, or we are walking backward. Having a ow and a process for your company in your facility is very important. TECHNOLOGICAL EDGE In our industry, technology is always changing with new equipment, lamina- tors, printers, inks, and materials on a yearly basis. To keep up with the change and how the future has changed our com- pany, we have had to move out of the stone age. For over a decade, we relied on dry erase boards, plastic job cover sheets, and having production meetings that were not organized or painted a clear picture of what we had to accomplish. We have now switched to a production/management program that allows us to control our workow and jobs in every aspect of our process. Many of you are utilizing these programs today and have for many years. The biggest win for our company with a management system is that it keeps all of us accountable, which is key. We want our team members to have ownership, accountability, and responsibility. This is what can make your team and your com- pany stronger moving into the future, in my opinion. All of our installers also have tablets on their installation carts that show our schedule, jobs, tasks, and art- work proofs to go by when doing installa- tions on vehicles. This also allows them to write messages, measurements, and other information right on their screen that is saved and archived with each project. This allows us to not only stay organized but to keep our quality and layouts consistent, especially on eet work that needs to be exact on every unit that we produce. Moving into the future with your com- pany's marketing is key as well. I have always approached marketing as a check we would have to write for advertising, a radio spot, or other advertising pieces that may or may not give us a return on our investment. Today and moving for- ward, we are using our customers' expe- rience with us as our marketing, and so should you. We all have a story to tell about how we got to where we are today. The experience your clients have with you and your team is what grows your business if handled properly. I realize the future entails more internet sales, social media communication, Zoom meetings, and other modern ways to communicate, but I truly believe face-to-face interac- tion will never go away. When clients come into your facility, welcome them, ask them what brought them into your facility today, shake hands or st bump, ask questions, introduce them to some of your available team members, give them HG 530-A: Compact, lightweight and affordable heat gun for car wrapping professionals. HG 530-A Car Wrapping Kit Heat Protection Guard Digital Display

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