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2 0 2 2 • WRAPS • 15 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M a small tour of your shop, be transparent, and stop selling and start serving. Clear communication, education, and honesty with your clients will propel you into the future with stability that hopefully lasts. We tell our clients that we want a client for life and want to grow with them. TEAM CULTURE This is the last and most important topic for the wrap shop of the future. If I asked you in person who was your biggest cli- ent, what would you say? When I was rst asked this question, I responded with our largest eet account, which was wrong. Our business coach responded with, "Your biggest client is your team." I real- ize this is somewhat obvious to most, but it really made us focus back on our team and its vision of the future. The culture you create for your team is so crucial and important. Your team and company need to believe in you, the company's leaders, and where you are going. If your team and staff are not bought into your vision and culture, you cannot grow. Including your team in your goals, vision, and game plan will allow them to believe. I believe all of us have pictured what our dream facility would look like or how it would operate. I have always said if I won the lottery, I would build a 15-20,000-square-foot facility with white epoxy oors, modern lighting, wash bays, glass walls, a front lobby just like a car dealership, a training facility, conference room, design studios that look over the installation area, and plenty of parking. You can never have enough parking! These are just a few of the things I would like to have in the future and some of you reading this right now currently have what I have described or are currently building your shop of the future. ORGANIZATION Regardless if you have a small shop or a larger facility, I highly recommend setting up your shop in an organized way. Keep up with technology as best as possible, along with introducing new ideas and solutions to your team. Tell your story and passion for your industry and use it as your marketing plan. And create the culture of your shop so that everyone inside it believes in what you are trying to accomplish. I truly believe that keeping things simple, clean, and efcient is the fu- ture. I believe people miss being treat- ed with respect, honesty, and transpar- ency, along with a good handshake. This might have been in the past, but I think doing these simple things in the future will allow all of us to grow.

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