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2 0 2 2 • WRAPS • 21 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M In terms of corners and nishing, keep in mind that interior wrap lm is often calendared, thick and multi-layered. This can make getting smooth corners a challenge. In late 2021, The Wrap In- stitute introduced two techniques for this problem: Zero Stretch and Wrap Matrix. These techniques make the wrapping process easier than ever. For interior wraps, it helps make corners and nishing very precise. By shrinking the wrap lm naturally to the corner before making a relief cut, the corner is extra smooth. For edges, shrinking them back to zero before sealing the lm means there is no tension on the surface. This helps ensure a perfect, long-term hold and no lifting. At The Wrap Institute, be sure to check out the crocodile table wrap and the countertop wrap with gloss metallic lm to see the Zero Stretch in real-time. Finally, due to the thickness of inte- rior wrap lm, the surface being wrapped needs to be extra smooth. This can mean a lot of sanding and nishing before the install even begins. Many of these skills are beyond traditional installers in terms of really accomplishing the job correct- ly, so nding craftsmen who have these types of skills is key for the growth of interior wraps. Color-change and PPF wrap shops have what's called a prepper. This is someone who removes hardware, cleans a vehicle, and puts it all back together. This allows installers to focus on installation, which lowers install times and opens the door to high volume. To grow in interior wraps, using a combination of a craftsman to smooth out the walls and anything else before the install begins is key. It allows the installers to then wrap it up, which works to everyone's strengths. MOVING FORWARD Of course, there are many more tips and tricks to learn, so be sure to check out the Amsterdam Wrap Rejuvenation on The Wrap Institute. All the videos feature in- terior wrap lm from Cover Styl', which is a very popular seller of interior lm in Eu- rope. Cover Styl' has a great distribution network in Europe, which helps ensure timely delivery of interior wrap lm. In the U.S., 3M Di-Noc is a popular choice, and it's becoming easier to get in a timely manner, which is another reason interior wraps are growing in the market. I have always loved the wrap industry and fell in love with car wrapping from the beginning. Yet, interior wraps have really sparked a new lane for me, and I hope this information has done that for you as well. The potential growth is there, as well as the satisfaction of the transformation and prots. A key selling point is the ease with which multiple colors can be used. It's a great way to brighten up any room.

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