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2 0 2 2 • WRAPS • 23 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M tion," Long says. "We were considered an essential business and just landed a large eet project when the pandemic hit." The company advertises on Clemson's sports radio network, and that's how Da- vid Poag, Anderson 5 School District's assistant director of transportation, found out about Katazoom and decided to give them a call. Long describes him as "the man behind the vision." Some of Katazoom's goals are to con- sistently improve, grow steadily, and build a solid reputation locally before branching out nationwide. The oppor- tunity to work with the school district provided a chance for the company to achieve all these objectives. GETTING THINGS MOVING Once Long and Poag got the initial de- tails ironed out, they could start work- ing on getting the wrap made and placed onto the vehicle. They had to workshop various ideas and methods of advertis- ing effectively to make sure this project would attract new people to the bus driver jobs. The collaborative effort was apparent through all of this. "We took a few stabs at the design, and the client gave us his input and vision to get us to the nal layout," Long explains. Katazoom's designer Jordan Powell cre- ated this design. Katazoom is no stranger to unique vehicle wraps. Previously, the business has applied a wrap to an IMSA proto- type racecar in the style of a Star Wars X-Wing Starghter. Long says this proj- ect was very rewarding but very difcult. The same applies to the vehicle wrap for the Anderson 5 School District. THE APPLICATION PROCESS This project's crucial and nal point was getting the wrap onto the vehicle. Kata- zoom had some struggles with this, but as industry professionals, they were able to nd their way through it. "Making the design visually work with the vehicle was difcult considering all the curves, angles, and types of media," Long says. "The nal product makes it

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