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32 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 2 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M W hether it is brand new paint or a custom ve- hicle wrap, 3M Ceramic Coating offers a one-size-ts-all option to protect and enrich the look of vehicles. With high-prot margins, minimal labor, and low upfront cost, this is a service you don't want to overlook. THE PROS OF A CERAMIC COATING What is a ceramic coating and how can you upsell it? In simple terms for a cli- ent, a ceramic coating is a hydrophobic seal for any surface. Why do they need it? A ceramic coating is going to make that surface easier to clean and maintain. This comes in handy for vehicle wraps, particularly matte or satin finishes. It prevents contaminants like hard water, sap, and tar from sticking to, or staining the surface. Ceramic coating can practi- cally double the lifespan of a wrap if it is cleaned regularly and touched up annu- ally. If your shop offers paint protection, this product can be applied to PPF/paint too, if a certied detailer does a paint cor- rection beforehand. 3M Ceramic Coating is great because of how easy it is to use. It works with almost any vehicle exterior surface, including paint, vinyl, glass, plastics/ trim, and wheels. Most other ceramic products require multiple products for each surface/nish, meaning shops have more costs upfront. This easy upsell also boasts big prot margins and is simple to use without the need for detailer cer- tications, unlike many other coatings on the market. With a cure time of four hours, a single employee can knock out two vehicles with a same-day turnaround. Lastly, the 3M Ceramic Coating doesn't use any harsh vapors or carrier solvents and doesn't require any special curing equipment, like UV lights. WRAPSESH Wrapsesh, also known as Vinyl Vixen Wraps, has been using 3M Ceramic Coating since the product launched and gives it rave reviews. "For the past four years, we sub-contracted our ceramic coatings because we didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting certied and gured it would be easier to sub it out. Since we started offering 3M Coatings in-house, our prot has nearly doubled. But the ease of use is the biggest benet for our shop," says Vinyl Vixen. Slim Sheddy and Vinyl Vixen, co- owners of Wrapsesh, even apply the coating themselves because they enjoy the process. "3M Ceramic Coating sells itself if you explain the benets to your clients," says Slim Sheddy. Wrapsesh clients spend a lot of money for the coverage, detail, and customization they offer. The extra protection of 3M Ceramic Coat- ing increases longevity and makes their aftercare much easier. "If you calculate the cost of supplies and the labor, your cost is $400 max," says Vinyl Vixen. "You can easily coat up to four vehicles with one bottle. Overall, a single bottle of 3M Ceramic Coating can generate $2,000-$3,000 net prot." Vinyl Vixen also recommends having a demo panel to show to clients. "We wrapped a mini hood in multiple vinyl nishes to show how 3M Ceramic Coat- ing protects and enhances any lm or sur- face. Even with matte or satin nishes, the coating actually saturates the color while sealing the surface," says Vinyl Vixen. "We coat only half of the hood, so we can spray water on it to demonstrate how hydrophobic it is. We even drew on it with a sharpie, to show how much easier it was to remove the grafti from the side with ceramic coating," laughs Slim Sheddy. Visit for all your product needs, along with detailed, step-by-step video tutorials from Wrapsesh on how to apply the coatings to vinyl/PPF/paint, and glass surfaces. 3M Ceramic Coating is only available for professional use, not for retail sale. How-To / Tutorial INCREASE PROFITS WITH CERAMIC COATING S TO R Y C O U R T E SY F E L L E R S A N D W R A P S E S H , I M AG E S C O U R T E SY 3 M

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