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2 0 2 2 • WRAPS • 33 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M How-To / Tutorial NEXT LEVEL USES FOR 3M KNIFELESS TAPES S TO R Y C O U R T E SY F E L L E R S , I M AG E S C O U R T E SY 3 M 3M FINISH LINE KNIFELESS TAPE Perfect for hidden cuts around bumpers, door handles, and mirrors. 3M PRECISION LINE KNIFELESS TAPE Cleanly cut the most challenging lms like reective and chrome. 3M TRI-LINE KNIFELESS TAPE Use to create racing stripes on a contour surface making the stripes look straight. This allows you to preview what the stripes will look like before installing the lm for the nal cut. 3M BRIDGE LINE KNIFELESS TAPE Another use for Bridge Line other than bridging gaps is for mold- ings on vehicles. The thickness of the Bridge Line tape allows the tape to stick on the molding while repositioning the lm. 3M DESIGN LINE KNIFELESS TAPE Let your imagination run wild using Knifeless Design Line Tape. Create unique accents, striping, and designs with clean edges. 3M PERF LINE KNIFELESS TAPE For the vehicles with smaller gaps, Perf Line can be used instead of Bridge Line to cut between one panel to the next. Traditional use is to create a uniform margin between rubber moldings and window graphics.

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