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2 0 2 2 • WRAPS • 41 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 1) Qualify yourself. As part of the sales process, we qualify customers on the daily. The inverse is equally as impor- tant. In the selling process, it is im- portant to tactfully establish you, and your designer, as the experts. Be sure they've seen your quality work, testi- monials, awards, etc. and discuss the elements of effective design. Drop- ping some technical jargon, such as text hierarchy and vehicle limitations, can warm a customer up to the idea that you're the professional and they should trust your advice. 2) Design brief. Very often, new cus- tomers don't come prepared for a design discussion. This is no fault of their own; for many customers, this is their rst formal design experience. It is quite handy to have a short form for your customer to ll out in advance of a design discussion. It's best to get them thinking about their brand identity before the design clock starts ticking. If they show up ready for the discussion, you'll spend a lot less time guessing and heading in the wrong direction. Your customer will also realize there's some science behind your artistry. A fun rendition of making the mistake of giving certain customers everything they suggested on the design. (By Robert Burns / Courtesy

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