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46 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 2 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M Avery's training covers recommended vinyl for different wraps and specific installation techniques, such as window perf and paint protection. Installers learn the full spectrum of techniques to wrap curved surfaces, windows and doors, make tucks under window rubber gas- kets, do door releases for door cups, and fully wrap hoods. They learn about the different laminates that go with each product for the best adhesions in deep crevices, preventing any material from moving out of place. "A lot of the processes we do, we learn on our own with a little guidance from Avery," Carter says. "We just don't say no. If someone asks us to do something, we gure out a way to do what they want." DESIGNING & INSTALLING WRAPS According to Kincaid, wraps have mul- tiple benets, including protecting the vehicle from the sun's UV rays, rain and other weather phenomena, rocks, and road debris (which might scratch, ding, or dent surfaces). Every time Kincaid wraps his truck, it looks like it came off the sales oor because the vinyl took all the abuse and not the paint. He says wraps generally last three to ve years, depending on the outdoor elements. "If you put a decal on, after three years, it has ghosting where you laid down the letters," Kincaid points out. "The paint fades everywhere else." The installation process for wraps involves a few steps but is compli- cated to carry out. Vinyl wrapping lms come on rolls, and Signarama River Cit- ies prints color onto the rolls of wrap vinyl, which have a sticky adhesive to adhere to the vehicle's surface. "It's pretty much like a huge sticker, an oversized sticker that's ready to go," Kincaid says. A silicone backer is removed from the vinyl adhesive after being held in the appropriate place by magnets. As the backer is removed, the adhesive is slowly adhered to the vehicle's surface using an infrared heater. The surface needs to be as smooth as possible with headlights and taillights, door handles, and mirrors removed. "We will squeegee out all the air while it's on the vehicle. We use heat to position Signarama River Cities created a full wrap for YouTube personality and semi-trailer truck driver Dave Triola's Jeep Gladiator and trailer in September 2021. WORKING WITH "RIDING WITH DAVE" YouTube personality and semi-trailer truck driver Dave Triola, known for his "Riding with Dave" channel, reached out to Kincaid through Facebook in July 2021, requesting he do a custom wrap job for his Jeep Gladi- ator and trailer. Triola, from Mississippi, has more than 250,000 subscribers and 31 mil- lion people viewing his videos. "For him to come all the way to us says a lot," Kincaid says. The full wrap job was completed in September 2021.

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