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2 0 2 2 • WRAPS • 49 G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M We've completed installations for DIG Creative Solutions over the years as well. I asked Emma Bond with DIG the same questions, and she mentioned both the 3M website and Google as their sources for nding installers. Bond said her company looks for installers that are "reliable, have good communication, and are reasonably priced." Being a certied installer is an excellent way for companies to nd you, but having a good website, connecting at trade shows, and connecting with ad agencies directly are other effective ways to get your com- pany on their radar. Search for agencies that advertise graphic solutions for companies nationally and reach out to them with an email introducing your company and the areas you service. is another way for you to get your company on the map. Liter- ally. Check out their website and sign up for either a free or premium listing, which will show your company on a worldwide map of installers. This is an excellent way for com- panies to nd installers around the world. WRAPIFY Last year, we completed our rst campaign with Wrapify. This is another online plat- form that is free to sign up for. Wrapify runs national, regional, and local campaigns that pair drivers with companies advertising in the area. Careful measuring ensured these installs for DIG Creative Solutions were consistent across multiple vehicles. Carefully review estimate specs before quoting a job to avoid material or install surprises. This Wrapify campaign involved multiple vehicle types and provided graphics. Their carefully planned system creates a streamlined process.

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