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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 J U N E G R A P H I C S P R O 3 1 GO THE TECH ROUTE Utilizing everyday objects that an end-user might need creates a great- er likelihood of success within a promotional product campaign. In 2022, consider decorating usable power banks, speakers, and head- phones. Consider the battery life, usability, and aesthetic of the tech products selected. Remember, if a power bank with a logo on it only charges their phone halfway, an association between the logo and the awful charging capabilities is created in the mind of the consumer. GET CREATIVE Everyone has a printed business card. Instead of opting for the usual in the next round of business cards, opt for the memorable. Remember, the goal is to create an impression on the customer that leads to a sale, not to clutter their desk with a small rectangle they keep meaning to do something with until they throw it away. Consider printing on nonstandard mediums, such as metal busi- ness cards. Make cards relative to the company niche. Perhaps create box oce tickets for an entertainment company or lip balm for a mountain hiking store. Generally, handing someone a matchbox or a pack of gum with contact info on it is much more likely to wow and much less likely to be lost. REFLECT BRAND VALUES If the company touts its eco-friendly packaging, consider a product like reusable straws or water bottles over plastic tchotchkes to resonate with the customer. Adding branding elements in a botanical design and forgoing the plastic in the packaging are small but thoughtful changes that will be noticed by the end customer with similar values. Is your brand family-friendly? Don't forget the kids! Happy kids make for happy parents. A company's kid-friendly oerings should not end up in the trash or shoved to the back of the toy box. Con- sider putting together custom coloring books with branded crayons in a full custom zipper pouch! Remember, the goal of promotional product oerings is to create a positive association with the brand in the mind of the client. Investing in design, thoughtful product curation, creativity, and small details will make all the dier- ence in the success of any promotional product campaign. GP JEREMY PICKER is the creative director and CEO at AMB3R Creative, a Colorado-based apparel design fir. e has oer ears o eperience in the ashion industr and rins a depth o noede in custo desin, screen printin, eroider, appiu, finish- in, and prootiona products. e is a cancer surior and a coounder o STA, a hihend accessor ine to support cancer education. ou can reach hi at and .

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