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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 J U N E G R A P H I C S P R O 3 7 PHOTO FRAMES We should not forget about the products of engraved/etched photo frames, which allow the customer to select a photo of their choice plus any commemorative text. at applies to humans as well as animals. We have also created images on glass pieces, which are then placed upright in an LED lighted base. You see, there are many dierent products to select from if you wish to enter the memo- rial market. Many you could obtain your- self, while the heavy stones you may nd it easier to get them from a funeral home that is already purchasing quarried stone. It is a lucrative business in which, sadly to say, there is no lack of customers. GP With over 40 years in the glass business, RUTH DOBBINS offers experience in all glass-etching techniques as well as in fused and cast glass. Ruth holds a master's degree in art and has been a partner in an art glass wholesale supply and studio company in Europe, which also placed great em- phasis on a training program. You can reach Ruth by email at, or by phone at 505-473-9203. Photo frames are popular for both human and animal memorials. An upright piece of 3/8" glass with halftone image in a lighted base. A more tradi- tional metal cast urn with engraved text. Metal lends itself better to rotary en- graving since blasting only shows up as a slight matte image. Rotary engraving al- lows for depth of the text or image and stands out much more.

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