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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 J U N E G R A P H I C S P R O 4 5 CLEANING THE MIRRORS After you have removed each mirror, you will want to inspect each mirror for scratches, soot, or debris. 1. Hold the mirror with the reec- tive side up without touching the reective side. Do not apply any nger pressure or any other clean- ing solutions to the mirror surface. 2. Drape a new sheet of lens tissue over the mirror. 3. Apply a few drops of lens cleaner on the tissue covering the mirror. Apply enough so that the tissue absorbs just enough solution to cover the mirror surface. 4. Pull the tissue across the mirror in only one direction. 5. Make sure the mirror is complete- ly dry before reinstalling it. CLEANING THE FOCAL LENS e recommended lens cleaner is Eclipse Cleaning System Solution from Photo- graphic Solutions or HPLC grade methanol. 1. Clean the focal lens with a cotton swab and lens cleaner solution. Be sure to clean both sides of the focal lens. 2. After cleaning, use a cotton swab to dry the focal lens and lens cover gently. Pro tip: Do not apply any nger pres- sure or other cleaning solutions to the lens surface. CLEANING THE EXHAUST DUCT Ecient exhaust ventilation is crucial to laser cutting quality. I suggest cleaning the exhaust duct of accumulated dust regular- ly, as it helps maintain your laser machine's ventilation eciency. GP DEVIN HUANG is the deputy manager of the laser product line from GCC and an application engineer that handles the GCC LaserPro Application Lab. He releases laser product showcases and application sharing at www. aintain or ain ntiation in anin t at t rar

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