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G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 J U N E G R A P H I C S P R O 4 9 are still doing outdoor dining, a new thing but I don't think that will go away," Con- treras says. Demand is high for simple oor graphics, outdoor menus and menu boards. INKS & APPLICATIONS Flatbed printers come in many sizes, from small models measuring 24" X 20" to presses as large as 8' X 17'. e average shop invests in a 4' X 8' model because they can t into smaller spaces but are fair- ly versatile when it comes to the types of substrates they can print on, from woods and metals to acrylics, phone cases and faux leather for upholstery. ese printers are gaining in popularity because UV inks dry instantly when exposed to UV light, meaning print shops don't have to wait for the ink to outgas. Any products printed on a UV atbed are ready to use immediately, says Mark Rugen, director of education for Mutoh America. e inks will "pretty much stick to any- thing. It is pretty rare that you need some kind of special preparation for the ink to stick," he notes. Most UV printers have adjustable print heads so they can print on thicker materi- als, up to 6" in height. at means that print shops can print on a variety of ma- terials, including doors, cabinets, and ce- ramic tiles for backsplashes. Graphic Resource Systems, Flora's dis- tributor in the United States, printed a photo of an outhouse in Pennsylvania on the door to their showroom's bathroom, which has become a major conversation starter when clients come in to see what the Flora atbed printers can do. Dave Philipps, co-owner and director of technical services at Graphic Resource Sys- tems, says that he is amazed by how much

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