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printing technology has advanced over the years, joking that he's been in the industry since B.C., Before Computers. "I would say that the technology is unbelievable where it has gotten. The oor printer we have in our showroom, the quality of prints, the speed, it is an awesome piece of equipment. We're very happy with them. ey are working very nicely with us," he says. Flatbed printers can be used to print on plexiglass for backlit signs, Coroplast or aluminum composite material. One thing Graphic Resource Systems has seen since the pandemic began is commercial printers crossing over into the sign mar- ket. Many of its larger corporate clients needed some of the same signage as small- er businesses so they expanded their oer- ings to include pandemic signage, buying UV atbed inkjet printers for their speed, ease of use and wide color gamut, he says. When the company rst got the Flora atbed, Philipps says, "We were ecstatic. We could print on anything, including bricks and paving stones." One of Graphic Resource Systems' clients in New York state stayed in business dur- ing the pandemic printing banners to hang in front of the homes of graduating high school students who could not have gradu- ation ceremonies. e shop used their UV atbed printer to print the signs and ended up purchasing a lot of ink as well. "at was one direct result of the pan- demic," says Philipps. "ey wouldn't have had that business without the pandemic." Mutoh's Rugen says that when the pan- demic started, the company saw an im- mediate impact on its smaller atbed UV printers, the ones that measure 24" X 20". "I think it was because people were turn- ing to online sales and we actually had a few customers set it up so they could lit- erally transport it to their house from the shop during the pandemic for at least a while," he says. Once these shops started selling items online, they expanded into specialty items such as pens, coasters, and keychains. Now that the pandemic has started to recede, Mutoh says those same companies are now getting into printing ADA and political signage. In the past, political banners and yard signs were probably screen printed because that is the easiest way to do hundreds of thousands of prints at a time. But if some- body needs shorter runs, quickly, atbed printers are the way to go. "We also are noticing a lot more sustain- able medias coming to the market," Rugen continued on page 94 Flatbed printers can be used to print on plexiglass for backlit signs, Coro- plast, or aluminum composite mate- rial. (Image courtesy Roland DGA) G R A PH I C S - PR O.C O M 2 0 2 2 J U N E G R A P H I C S P R O 5 1

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