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VITAL SIGNS MATT DIXON, EXECUTIVE EDITOR BUSINESS MINEFIELD WANT TO KNOW MORE? Feel free to give me a call directly at 720-566-7286 or email me at M aybe this sounds a little dramatic, but business is a minefield. During a sale, there are hundreds of ways to step on one of these mines and botch the job, most of which you won't even realize you hit because you never see that client again, and then they leave a negative comment online. If your customer service is perfect, but your product isn't, there's a chance to lose business. If the opposite is true, same thing. If your customer service and product are perfect, but you're late with delivery, there's another one. If you've nailed the service, product, and delivery but come in at a higher-than-expected price point, well, you get the picture. With all these variables needing to be perfect to guarantee repeat business, it's good that your competition is also human and will be going through that same minefield. All you have to do is hit on all the right marks more often than your competition. No sweat. It's hard to put a finger on the most important part of reeling in repeat business, but if I had to guess, I'd say customer service. ese days, people don't want hassle. ey don't want drama. And there's nothing easier in the world than a customer moving on from doing business with a company that made them feel underappreciated. You can fix a messed-up order. You can fix a defective product. But there are librar- ies dedicated to trying to fix broken relationships, so that's probably where you really need to watch your step. 8 G R A P H I C S P R O A U G U S T 2 0 2 2 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M DIRECTOR OF SALES JAMES "RUGGS" KOCHEVAR EXECUTIVE EXPO SALES MANAGER PRINTWEAR AND A&E MARKETS BRANDY JAMISON-NETH EXPO SALES MANAGER SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS MARKET SARA REESE DIRECTOR, EVENT OPERATIONS JACKIE RAMSIER EXHIBITOR SERVICES MANAGER JOIE MARTIN PRESIDENT DAVE POMEROY VICE PRESIDENT / AUDIENCE & EVENTS LORI FARSTAD VICE PRESIDENT / FINANCE KORI GONZ ALES, CPA VICE PRESIDENT / CONTENT REGAN DICKINSON DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL SERVICES WOLF BUTLER CEO & OWNER ROBERT H. WIEBER, JR. 10170 Church Ranch Way, Ste 400, Westminster, CO 80021 ( 800 ) 669-0424 | ( 303 ) 469-0424 | FAX ( 303 ) 469-5730 W W W.G R A P H I C S - P R O.C O M PRESIDENT DAVE POMEROY EXECUTIVE EDITOR MAT T DIXON MANAGING EDITOR ALLEE BRUCE DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR MARIE FENNEMA ART DIRECTOR LINDA CRANSTON GRAPHIC DESIGNER IVETH GOMEZ MEDIA CONSULTANT, WEST RYAN APPLEBAUM MEDIA CONSULTANT, EAST DESIREE DELFRARI SALES SUPPORT SYDNEY BATCH CONTRIBUTING WRITERS PAULA AVEN GLADYCH, MATT CHARBONEAU, JENNIFER COX, STEFANIE GALEANO-ZALUT- KO, DAVE HAAN, CARLY HOLLMAN, MEGAN HOOPES, JOSH KICE, BRIAN MIRSCH, AARON MONTGOMERY, HOWARD POTTER, STEPHEN ROMANIELLO, JULIA SCHROEDER, KRISTINE SHREVE, LON WINTERS, DOUG ZENDER EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD DAN BAREFOOT, ERICH CAMPBELL, MAT T CHARBONEAU, DANE CLEMENT, BOB HAGEL, KERRIE MALLORY-THOMPSON, BRADEN TODD, LON WINTERS EDITORIAL INTERN NATHAN STROMBERG IN THIS ISSUE: THE BANNER MARKET PAGE 60 SPECIAL EFFECTS TRANSFERS PAGE 12 FLEECE AND OUTERWEAR TRENDS PAGE 22 WORKTABLES: A SIGN SHOP STAPLE PAGE 56 TEAM SPORTS COLORS AND TRADEMARK LAW PAGE 29

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