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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 2 A U G U S T G R A P H I C S P R O 1 3 A s the heat-applied graphics industry evolves, so do the unique decoration applications that a shop can offer its customers. Heat-applied graphics can allow for a shop to offer a variety of special effects. "Special effect heat printed graphics puts you in another realm when it comes to creativity, speed of delivery, and the ability to print just one piece," says Josh Ellsworth, STAHLS'. Heat print- ing offers flexibility, quality results, and profitability when exe- cuted correctly. Since special effects are a unique offering, you can charge a premium price, where your costs stay the same, increasing your profits, says Michael Romano, Transfer Express. While special effects may only be a small percentage of orders, offering them typically comes at no extra cost or work, and offers your custom- ers a good experience. Romano points out that you can become a one-stop shop when you offer special effect transfers, such as glitter, glow-in-the-dark, puff, metallic, reflective, foil, distress, patterns, and full color. Adam McCauley, Sandlot Sports, agrees there are several advantages for a shop to offer special effects. "From a customer perspective, they have a decoration partner that is staying up to date on current trends and decoration styles," McCauley explains. is allows a shop to build a reputation as a company that doesn't stick to one thing. The main benefit, according to Jeremy Picker, A MB3R Creative, is the versatility of different applications and the mini- mal startup costs compared to other decoration methods. "A lot of shops already have heat presses for custom numbering, name drops, or specialty garments, so bringing in new heat transfer styles is a quick add-on that doesn't take much on the educa- tion side," Picker says. "e transfer companies already provide recommended heat, pressure, and time, so it's a matter of help- ing your client choose the right looks and education of what is possible for their merchandise." WHAT'S TRENDING What are the current special effect trends in heat-applied graphics? • UV-Reactive Vinyl: One of the most popular new special effects trends this year is color-changing heat transfer vinyl. Ellsworth explains that UV-reactive vinyl is a sun-changing heat transfer vinyl material that looks white when indoors and changes color when exposed to UV light. • Patches: e fastest growing trend, particularly in the sports world, is heat-applied patches and flex style patches. "ey are detailed, textured, holographic, flat, or 3D," says McCauley. Hats are the most popular products that Picker sees utilizing A puff special effect has seen an increase in popularity. (Image courtesy Transfer Express) If you are looking for a shine, shimmer, raised 3D effect, glow, or foil, Romano says you'll need to switch over to a vinyl or screen- printed heat transfer option. (Image courtesy Transfer Express)

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