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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 2 A U G U S T G R A P H I C S P R O 1 5 n Teflon pillows can be essential to the success of some printing jobs. You can use a pillow to even out the printing surface when there are zippers or seams. However, always make sure you follow manufacturer's instructions because some trans- fers cannot be applied using a cover sheet. n Other transfers require a cover sheet. Cover sheets can also be used to change the finish of a transfer. n Some people use a laser alignment system to position graphics. Others have layout templates or use T-square rulers. Some transfers have grids printed on the back of the paper on which they are printed. It all depends on your level of experi- ence and your confidence in positioning. n There are also many other accessories associat- ed with the heat transfer vinyl process, including weeding tools, weeding tables, and heat erasers. Must-Have Heat Printing Accessories with sublimation," says McCauley. Many uniforms and jer- seys are produced using sublimation because you can decorate the entire garment with vibrant colors. However, like DTF, you won't be getting any specialty finishes with sublimation, Romano adds, unless combined with another method. • Screen Printing: Screen-printed transfers will still get you a quality special effect at a reasonable price, according to Romano. "ere will be less work involved and you can get a detailed, intricate design. Screen-printed transfers make spe- cial effects, like distress, a breeze." • Heat Transfer Vinyl: Heat transfer vinyl ( HTV) is usu- ally designed as a simple logo in one color, McCauley explains. "e material is usually a thicker material that holds up well over time." Advances in HTV come in the form of improved adhesives or a new special effect, according to Ellsworth. "An improved adhesive would mean a thermal-activated adhesive, which is more durable, applies at a lower temperature, has less of a carbon footprint or any combination of these attributes," he says. "Special effects for heat transfer vinyl could be just about anything, such as puff, color reflective, color changing, and neon metallic." B Y J O S H E L L S W O R T H , S T A H L S ' Condé Systems offers everything screen printers, sign makers, embroiderers, engravers, photographers, and artists need to succeed in the personalized photo gift business including sublimation and digital heat transfer systems, blank imprintable products, design software, and production supplies.

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