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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 2 A U G U S T G R A P H I C S P R O 1 7 looking for a shine, shimmer, raised 3D effect, glow, or foil, you'll need to switch over to a vinyl or screen-printed heat transfer option. EXTRA TOOLS AND TIPS e most important thing anyone can do when working with special effect trans- fers is to have an accurate heat press that provides consistent pressure across the platen. A successful heat transfer applica- tion — no matter the type of transfer — requires accurate time, temperature, and pressure. If you are applying a new heat transfer on a new type of fabric for the first time, Ellsworth advises to make sure the fabric can withstand the application temperature. "Test, test, test is my call to action for this," Picker says. "Not all transfers will work on all fabric types, so be sure to test for your client before you accept the order." As some special effects are difficult to produce and sometimes reproduce, McCauley says not to overdo it and know your strengths. "If you are in a production setting, think about the time and energy you are putting into each of your pieces," he says. "Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze and make sure the customers know you are adding value." You can push the technique by push- ing the creative design behind it, Picker says. "Don't just stick with the logo slap or a design that was created for a website or print. Sometimes that fits, but I suggest you really design for the medium, whether you do it in house or you work with an experienced apparel designer." Overall, decorators can achieve several different special effects finishes and looks for apparel, accessories, and more, all with the same equipment and setup. GP Julia Schroeder is a freelance writer based in Chicago, Illinois. Previously, she held the position of digital content editor for A&E magazine. She can be reached at Choose from 18-, 30-, 54- and 78-inch wide models. Quickly add one or multiple heating chambers and extend the conveyor belt to multiply capacity in direct proportion to each module added. Vastex LittleRed XD-Series dryers rocket ink temps up to 320°F in the first several inches of conveyor travel and hold at-cure temps longer for the highest possible rates. Cure 185+ garments/hr DTG printed with white ink, 555+ with pretreatment or screen printed water-based ink or discharge, or 1080+ screen printed with plastisols. ALL DTG INKS & PRETREATMENT & ALL SCREEN PRINTED INKS & DISCHARGE —WAY FASTER, USING LESS ENERGY +1-610-625-2702 SALES@VASTEX.COM VASTEX.COM KK-0301 Lo-E uses 20% less energy! NEW! NEW!

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