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2 6 G R A P H I C S P R O A U G U S T 2 0 2 2 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M DECORATION NATION When it comes to decoration, there is again a divide on what is currently catch- ing the attention of the masses. Clark asserts that transfers are gaining popular- ity due to their lower price point and ease of application. Embroidery, as always, is a popular decoration for fleece as it helps elevate both the price point and percep- tion of the product's quality. As for the style of the decorations, it's pretty much anything goes. Placements can be anything from traditional chest and back designs to more subtle sleeve and shoulder pieces. However, one thing is certain when it comes to these designs. e '90s are back and influencing what we wear. According to Taryn Rosen, Fruit of the Loom, this has shown an increase in small center front placements, which proves to be both fresh and timeless at the same time. Regardless of the chosen method, Clark suggests decorators remember the W's — who, what, where and why. "e answers to the [best method] along with budget should be the driving factors in the dec- oration and garment selection process. Getting the client and their audience into the right garment will help drive future business and lead to increased profits." With the relaxed silhouettes of fleece entering the workplace, subtle details such as stripes and piping help to elevate the humble fleece. (Image courtesy Fruit of the Loom) Updated crewneck styles are trending because of their vintage appeal. (Image courtesy Citadel Brands) A n additional trend is a shift being driven by generational demand and price. "As we see the effects of inflation ripple throughout the market [we] are seeing a trend away from the standard fashion brands into newer markets that are bridging the divide," says Milissa Clark, Lane Seven. But pricing should always reflect how much time that's been invested based on the amount of time and skill set. According to HanesBrands' Michael Johnson, "In the end, it comes to what someone is willing to pay for it, garment quality, and is it made for decoration, so I don't create costly waste?"

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