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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 2 A U G U S T G R A P H I C S P R O 3 5 Rath says. "If there is a way to go around coaches to adminis- trators or parents that are running booster clubs, this may be a better method." Rath also points out that connecting with the right person for a school's online store varies depending on the type of products offered. School uniforms typically need approval from adminis- tration, though shops may be able to discuss details with office staff currently tasked with managing the sales of the uniforms. Meanwhile, sports uniforms are decided upon by coaches unless the school uses a single vendor. Some school districts will require vendors to register and be approved, so shops should verify this information first. Spiritwear, on the other hand, typically goes through a booster club run by parents. is information is usu- ally available on a school's website or by attending a sporting event and inquiring to speak with the booster club. PRESENTING A SOLUTION & OFFERING PRODUCTS Once you've narrowed down who you need to speak with, it's time to let the visuals do the talking. Some school administra- tors or parents might not be as tech-savvy. So, it's not always easy to convince customers that an online store is an easy way to sell team apparel and spiritwear. Decorators should take the time to prepare a mockup store in advance. ey can add the team's logo to give them a better idea of what the actual product will look Having an online system eliminates the age-old issue of tracking how many sizes and quantities a team will need for its decorated apparel. In addition to shirts and hoodies, teams can sell matching accessories like headwear in their online stores. Today's shoppers want easy, seamless ways to order their goods.

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