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7 0 G R A P H I C S P R O • S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 2 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M traffic is met with an onslaught of sellers and stores all competing for attention and sales. Given that, standing out is impera- tive and will require good branding, a well thought out product and selling strategy, high quality product photography, and a willingness to provide top notch customer service. WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Now, on to how to choose which prod- uct is right for you. First, consider the products you're selling. For most shops in the industry, those that make things on demand, or create designs which custom- ers can use to make their own items, Etsy would seem to be the better option. e Etsy marketplace is geared toward cre- atives and people who are making goods by hand, or who are creating designs or transfers or things of that nature. Etsy is a place where people go to buy unique goods or, increasingly, it is a place where crafters and others go to buy items to make their own unique goods. Etsy buy- ers are also often looking for personalized goods, which makes the site a good mar- ket for those shops that screen print shirts, sublimate mugs, or make patches. By contrast, eBay is not so much how about how an item is made as it is about how it's sold. ere are two selling options on eBay: auction and straight price. ey're basically what the names imply. Auctioning an item means that bids are taken, and the top bid wins the item. Selling for a straight price means the item has one price and consumers can elect to pay that price to buy the item. Unlike Etsy, eBay is also less about being an e-commerce environment, with per- sonalized shop templates. Sellers on eBay are there to move goods and are known more by their customer reviews and rat- ings than they are by their shop setup or brand names. People who want to sell " There are 4.36 million sellers on Etsy. There are 19 million sellers on eBay. That's a big signal to noise ratio, and sellers have to be diligent and work hard to stand out in the crowd."

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