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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M O C T O B E R 2 0 2 2 • G R A P H I C S P R O 3 1 SCREEN PRINTING Screen printing can be a common deco- ration technique for uniforms in the food service industry. Many delis, coffee shops, craft breweries, and restaurants may have their employees wearing screen-printed shirts. ey may also sell the shirts to their customers as part of a merchandis- ing package. Screen-printed patches may also be used on other service worker uni- forms, like mechanics. VINYL OR SUBLIMATION These options may be less expensive for some companies and can still create a pulled-together appearance for a com- pany's uniforms. Since washing will most likely not be done in an industrial setting, there is less worry of items fading or peel- ing. Vinyl could be a lower-cost and less time-consuming option in place of screen printing. Sublimation patches can also be a lower-cost option that would allow for more elaborate logos as well. MEETING REQUIREMENTS Once you've decided what sort of deco- ration you want to or can offer, the next thing is to examine the requirements for uniforms or workwear in the industries you want to target. If you want to target restaurants and bars or any type of food service uniforms, keep in mind there may be regulations about what can be worn depending on the type of job that's per- formed. Food service is also an area that Specialty Supplies For Uniform & Workwear Decoration FIRE RETARDANT/FLAME RESISTANT Miami Thread: Gunold Poly Fire Thread: Madeira Firefighter Thread: Madeira Flame Resistant Bobbins: BLANK PATCHES AllStitch: American Patch: Stadri Emblems: SPECIALTY THREADS Wonderfil Flash Reflective Thread: Gunold Reflex Cry Reflective Thread: Madeira Reflect Reflective Thread: Placket shirts and workwear often go hand in hand. Some companies will use embroidered patches on shirts so they can simply remove and replace the patch if an employee moves on. (Image courtesy Carolina Made) Jackets embroidered for a friend's business, Party with a DJ, based in Flower Mound, Texas. (Image courtesy Gillian Allen, The Cats Pajamas USA) An embroidered apron for a personal health and wellness chef. (Image courtesy Lisa Lemonick, Scrappy Dappy Doo) CAD-CUT ® ULTRAWEED™ ⊲ Soft feel, popular matte finish ⊲ Fast, low temp application ⊲ Available in a wide range of colors Shop the Every Day HTV ⊲ GP1022 STAHLS.COM | 800.478.2457 EASY WEEDING. SMOOTH CUTTING. PRO RESULTS.

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