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5 6 G R A P H I C S P R O • O C T O B E R 2 0 2 2 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M "If you are a user of UV inks, it is possi- ble to avoid the issue of silvering by using an overlaminate product with a heavier than standard coat weight as its adhe- sive can fill in the areas of uneven inks," Brown says. Sometimes a laminate won't adhere to UV inks, so it is important to perform tests on it for adhesion, peeling, and sil- vering. If silvering is still an issue, Brown recommends using a matte overlaminate, which helps mask the silvering. INSTALLATION TIPS TO AVOID COSTLY REDOS Miller says it is important that install- ers color match with the laminate already applied to the top of the printed graphic because lamination can cause slight to large color shifts, especially on light colors. "Users should also inspect colors from the graphics' intended viewing distance," he says. Using the correct laminate for a base film is important. Otherwise, it can cause lifting, excessive shrinkage, or edge curl- ing, he says. Base films and laminates can be com- posed of different materials, such as vinyl, polyester, and urethane, and be either cast or calendared, so it is critical to refer to manufacturers' product bulletins to check for compatibility, Miller says. It is also important to use the correct application tools or techniques when applying laminate. Using the incorrect tools, such as unprotected squeegees, can scratch or damage the laminate surface. Scislowicz adds that it is important to install laminate in the proper environ- ment. If it is too cold, it is more rigid over- all and harder to get down without issues. If it is too warm, the base adhesive will be a lot tackier and harder to work with in certain applications. GP Paula Aven Gladych is a writer based in Denver, Colora- do, who has been covering the graphics industry since 2014. She can be reached at Graphic Lamination: Yes or No? Floor graphic lamination has its own set of rules it needs to abide by. This FDC 7061 is a slip-resistant floor graphic laminating film. (Image courtesy ASLAN) Laminates can protect from more than just UV rays. Some options come with anti-graffiti protection to repel spray paint and stickers. (Image courtesy ASLAN) When it comes to UV protection, lamination is a must for long-term applications.

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